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from the 2008 Summer issue of The Arkla Daylily

The Terrio Daylily Garden
by Earlene Garber

As we arrived at Jimmy and Linda Terrio’s home, the wreaths on the double front doors of the house made us feel welcome. We immediately saw many daylilies.  On each side of the front walk were sculptures of angels surrounded by daylilies. Then to the left of the home a large bed extending along the side of the house was full to the brim with daylily seedlings, the work of Jimmy, a hybridizer whose work will soon earn him accolades in the daylily world.

Attention to the right side of the garden is drawn to a large sugar kettle filled with yellow lantanas.  We proceeded to a more formal entrance to the side and back gardens where a wrought iron fence was centered with a large circular sign on which was painted a large yellow daylily with the words “Terrio Daylily Garden” circling it. Along the rim of the sign were black-spotted, bright red ladybugs.

Our eyes soon shifted to the clump of Hemerocallis ‘Seductor’, a Lee Gates introduction and one of his most famous reds.  Another eye-catching clump was the dark red cultivar of Ted Petit, H. ‘Bourbon Street’.

Daylilies continued the length of the property: each clump was tagged with easily read markers, each was in peak growing condition, weedless and well mulched.  One bed, planted along a low picket, cypress fence displayed mainly pastel daylilies, with one, by Dan Trimmer, H. ‘Sweeter than Sugar’, a rose pink with a darker rose eye, calling attention to itself in the heavily mulched bed.  In another bed, we enjoyed seeing Clarence Crochet’s H. ‘Richfield Earlene Garber’, a huge pastel cream pink blend with an exquisite green throat.

The centerpiece of the rear garden was a U-shaped aviary with a comfortable green swing in the open space of the U.  To the right of the aviary was a large round bed of daylilies featuring a large, tiered fountain in its center.

Although the garden featured masses of daylilies, many other plants were displayed at their best:  begonias, roses, zinnias, petunias, amaryllis, ferns, split leaf philodendrons and sasanquas were all artistically placed to enhance the overall presentation.

The sizeable covered patio contained tantalizing treats for the guests and ample seating for relaxed viewing of the beautiful garden.  Featured also was a picture of a quilt created by several of the talented Baton Rouge Daylily Society members.

Jimmy’s collection boasts many of the latest introductions from the top hybridizers. Cultivars that called special attention to themselves were: H. ‘Gary Colby’ (Petit), H. ‘Boundless Beauty’ (Stamile), and H. ‘Winston Churchill’ (Trimmer), but each plant in this impressive garden deserved its own homage.  This means that to truly grasp the accomplishments of the Terrios will require repeat visits. We look forward to doing so.