Region 13

Daylilies in Louisiana & Arkansas
American Hemerocallis Society

AHS Garden Judges in Region 13

UPDATED  AHS Garden Judges  page
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A) Conditions For Initial Appointment as Garden Judge, B) Steps to Becoming an AHS Garden Judge
C) R
esponsibilities of a Garden Judge
D) Revised 2012 AHS Garden Judges Handbook in pdf.  - 
All students, judges and class participants must
    bring a copy to class.  For Adobe reader, see below.

Garden Judge/Instructors in Region 13
Clarence J. Crochet 2015 Prairieville, LA
Robert Stassen 2013 Fayetteville, AR
Muriel C. Walker 2015 Baton Rouge, LA
Thomas R. Walker 2015 Baton Rouge, LA
Garden Judges
Douglas Beecher 2012 Rogers, AR
Libby Beecher 2012 Rogers, AR
Kalen Begnaud 2013 Lafayette, LA
Kenneth Begnaud 2013 Lafayette, LA
Melissa Begnaud 2013 Lafayette, LA
Judith Branson 2015 Springdale, AR
Timothy Coffey 2013 Lake Charles, LA
Lawrence Davis* 2011 Grand Cane, LA
Marie T. Davis* 2011 Grand Cane, LA
Brenda Fontenot 2011 Pineville, LA
Belinda Gauthier 2011 Dry Prong, LA
James Gauthier 2011 Dry Prong, LA
Joe Goudeau 2013 Baker, LA
John Holland 2015 Rogers, AR
Marilyn Holland 2015 Rogers, AR
Patrick Larsen 2015 Conway, AR
Evelyn Lemoine 2015 Conway, AR
Gerald Lutterman 2011 Bossier City, LA
Virginia Lutterman 2011 Bossier City, LA
Russel Madere 2012 Amite, LA
Sandra Madere 2012 Amite, LA
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