Region 13

Daylilies in Louisiana & Arkansas
American Hemerocallis Society

Clarence Crochet Seedling Award

Guidelines of Seedling Competition for AHS members of Region 13.

I. The award will be titled the CLARENCE CROCHET SEEDLING AWARD.  *

II. The award will be presented each year at the Region 13 Meeting. It will be a permanent award engraved with the name of the award and the year of presentation.

III. The award will be funded by Region 13 and monies will be taken from the Region 13 treasury to defray cost of the award.

IV. All seedlings eligible for the award will be planted in one display bed. This bed will be placed in one of the gardens on tour during the Regional Meeting each year.

V. Only Region 13 members will be eligible to win the award.

VI. Each hybridizer will be limited to three entries.

A. Entries may be named but NOT introduced to be eligible for the Award.

B. Hybridizers will be encouraged to send their entries to the display beds TWO years before the Regional Meeting.

VII. Plants will be displayed so that the name or number of the cultivar or the name of the hybridizer is not known by those attending the Regional Meeting.

A. Plants will be identified by code number only.

B. Hybridizers will refrain from announcing which are their cultivars.

C. Hybridizers will not ‘politic’ around the award bed.

D. The entrants will be judged by all persons in attendance at the Regional Meeting.

E. Voting will be done by secret ballot.

VIII. A committee will be appointed to oversee the award.

IX. This committee will consist of the Regional Vice President and two other members of Region 13. Each committee will serve for two years.

A. This committee shall handle publicity and announcements concerning this award.

B. The committee shall also determine the type of permanent award given. It’s value $100.00 minimum.

C. The committee will also determine policy and settle questions concerning this award.

D. The committee shall be responsible for the ballots, and collecting counting of the ballots at each Regional Meeting.

E. A complete list of all entries will be furnished persons in attendance at the banquet at which the award is presented.

Emma Middlebrooks Memorial Award Competition as approved at the May 22, 1999 meeting of Region 13 of the AHS.

* Name change was approved at Region 13 Annual Meeting June 2010, in Hot Springs, Arkansas.