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Daylilies in Louisiana & Arkansas
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Daylily Growing Tips

Daylily Growing Tips for Northeast Arkansas
Harry Roland, Blue Bird Hill Gardens, Pangburn, AR

I have to say, I don't really do a lot.  Our soils are usually pretty acid.  A soil test a couple of years ago, indicated more lime was needed and was applied, as recommended by the Extension Service,  Lime was also applied in 2001.  P & K are also usually low but I only apply 13-13-13  along with ammonia nitrate in the spring as recommended.

I have applied mulch, which is available from Searcy. They have a recycle place where leaves, grass, pine needles and wood are chopped up and it is free.  I try to get mostly leaves that are partly rotted.  Over the years the soil has really gotten nice and loose.

I try to have the soil tested every two years.  Sample are taken from three - four beds, mixed together for each single sample.  Extension Service does the testing free, which usually takes a couple of months to get the results.

I only sprayed with Bayleton 50 twice this year, early summer and had no rust.

I hope this answers your questions.  As you can see, I have no great secret, it's just mostly nature with a little help from me.