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Benefits of Alfalfa

 “I found this article from Dr. D. L. Hinerman, M.D…. most interesting.”    C. J. Crochet, 1990


For more than 50 years, alfalfa has been used as a plant stimulant. The responsible chemical for this action is triacontanol which is ubiquitous, occurring widely in nature, is a waxy coating on many plants and a major
component of beeswax. Triacontanol has been called “The most potent growth hormone ever used in plants”.

“One of the best sources of triacontanol is the extraction from alfalfa hay (Medica sativa) found in one of the following ways:
1. Alfalfa Tea:  Soak 5 tablets (500 to 600mg. of compressed alfalfa purchased from a natural food stores) in one gallon of water for 24 hours. Agitate. Drench plants with mixture as many as five times during a growing season.
2. Soil additive: Add 2-3 cupfuls of alfalfa meal (purchased from farm food stores, being careful that meal has not been denatured by high heat), to one yard of soil or growing media.
3. Top Dressing: Use alfalfa meal or chopped alfalfa hay as a light mulch or top dressing to spread around plants and apply water.