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National Conventions in Region 13

9th American Hemerocallis Society
Annual Convention 1955

May 16, 17, 18 and 19, 1955
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Hosts: Louisiana State University
          and Baton Rouge Hemerocallis Society
Mr. Alvin Sholar, President,
        Baton Rouge Daylily Society

Mrs. R. L. Emery, Regional Supervisor, Region 13
Mrs. Carl Marcue,
       President of American Hemerocallis Society

Guest Speaker: Mrs. Gretchen Harshbarger,
       Gardening Editor of Household Magazine.

Gardens on Tour for the Convention:

Test Gardens of Louisiana State University
Dr. and Mrs. Roy L. Mayhew, Baton Rouge
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Monroe, Baton Rouge
Prof. and Mrs. W. B. Pegues, Baton Rouge
Sundown Gardens - Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Armstrong,  Baton Rouge, LA
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Davis, Baton Rouge, LA
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Barber, Baton Rouge, LA
Dr. and Mrs. T. N. Farris, Baton Rouge, LA
Mr. and Mrs. Herman E. Nelson, Sr.; Baton Rouge
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Black, Baton Rouge, LA
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Fore,  Baton Rouge, LA
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Sholar, Baton Rouge, LA

At this convention, the meeting started on Monday evening and ended on Thursday after lunch. Tours by bus were held each morning. Lunches were held at hotels and followed by Informational meetings and programs in the afternoons.

Attendees were given a printed program book plus a book of  numbered tickets to attend the meals and to board the busses. Both are formally printed on pale gold, embossed cardstock. Banquets were formal affairs with ladies in floor length gowns and gentlemen in black tie. There is no sign or mention of any fundraising activity or auction.

Many of the gardens were in the area of LSU, Highland Road and Perkins Road. The last afternoon, the Sholars hosted a barbeque for all attendees. The Sholars lived, gardened and had a retail nursery where Essen Lane, Interstate 10 and Interstate 12 now intersect some 52 years later.

Some attendees wrote Mrs. Sholar thank you notes following the meeting. All who attended were impressed with the vigorous growth of the "hems" (as daylilies  were often called in the letters). Many admired and requested the lovely seedlings in her garden. One special note was from Mr. and Mrs. George Lennington.

This information is taken from original correspondence and from a mint condition, original Convention booklet that belonged to   Mrs. Edith Sholar.             M. C. Walker