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Daylilies in Louisiana & Arkansas
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Charter Members of Region 13

We are very grateful to Mr. Robert M. Turley, Past RVP from Iowa, Louisiana; as Lead Contributor to these history pages. His work has been invaluable. Thank you, Robert.

Louisiana had 11 Charter Members of the American Hemerocallis Society that I can determine.
Updated 11.24.07

Mr. Al Alleman, 740 Royal Street, Baton Rouge, LA

Mrs. Walter Colquitt, 10137 Norris Ferry Rd., Shreveport, LA 71106

Mr. Claude Davis, 470 Delgado Drive, Baton Rouge, LA

Mrs. U. B. (Jo) Evans, Haphazard Plantation, (Frogmore) Ferriday, LA 71334

Mrs. Aldina S. Gates, Box 8198 Univ. Station,
Baton Rouge
3, LA

Mrs. Memie H. Leatherman, 1010 Main St.,
Pineville, LA

Dr. Roy L. Mayhew, Box 8482 Univ. Station,
Baton Rouge
3, LA

Mrs. W. R. Mathews, 2120 Amelia Road,
, LA 71108

Mrs. Oscar Shanks, Rt. 2 – Box 10, Pineville, LA

Mrs. Alvin S. Sholar, Rt. 2 – Essen Road,
Baton Rouge
, LA

Mr. M. T. Young, 800 South Lincoln St.,
, LA 71282