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Daylilies in Louisiana & Arkansas
American Hemerocallis Society

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are daylilies high maintenance?

A: They are relatively easy maintenance. Modern daylilies are a descendant of an ancient  Far Eastern wildflower. They live more than one season and as such are labeled as perennials.  With good soil, regular water, moderate care & feeding, in 6-8 hours of sunlight, they will grow and bloom well in a home garden for many years.

No plant is truly low or no maintenance.  Consider running away from anyone who says theirs is.   With a  good spring "start up routine" and one again in fall to set the plants for winter, few plants can give you the long season of terrific blooms that daylilies can give with new blooms each morning.  See our Daylily Growing Tips for more on how to have this great perennial put on a show in your garden.

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